Within this framework, we offer services ranging from conception and planning to organisation and implementation.
Our focus is on communication between art and technology, as well as the project-oriented creation of temporary structures.

Together with you we concretize your ambition and create an idea. From there we accompany and support you in all phases of the project – from individual project phases to the complete handling and realisation.
To ensure the usual reliability and quality for T.L, we offer you our expertise and that of our partners.
Art and technology, design and development often speak different languages. As engineers for event technology and event management, we promote constructive communication between departments and trades and ensure that the project goal is in focus.
With T.L as your central contact you increase the efficiency of communication within the project structure and ensure the effectiveness of the individual departments.

Events and major events are to be regarded as projects and are difficult to standardize. Each project has its own requirements – T.L responds to these individually and creates work structures that meet these requirements. Flexibility is one of our strengths, consistency is our claim.


Specialist Technical Planning

  • CAD Planning
  • Pre-engineering (preliminary design of e.g. sound & light planning)
  • Stability verifications against tipping and sliding
  • Technical management
  • Consulting

Event Management

  • Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Safety Management
  • Stage Management

Licensing Procedures

  • Licensing procedures
  • Security concepts
  • Responsible for event technology
  • Occupational safety
  • Compliance with legal regulations
    (e.g. VStättVO)

Design & Formation

  • Sound and light design
  • artistic direction
  • media design
  • scenography / stage design

Location Scouting

  • Locations for events
  • Locations for conferences
  • Locations for major events
  • Locations
  • Motifs for photographs
  • Consulting for venues

Location Management

  • Location scouting for conferences and major events (oder all kinds of Events)
  • technical direction and technical Consulting for venues
  • Motifs for photographs
  • security concepts and security management for venues
  • use change request consulting