T.L is a seal of quality for services in the event industry.

Within this framework, we offer services ranging from conception and planning to organization and implementation. Our focus is on communication between art and technology, as well as the project-oriented creation of temporary structures.

Together with you we concretize your ambition and create an idea. From there we accompany and support you in all phases of the project – from individual project phases to the complete handling and realization.
To ensure the usual reliability and quality for T.L, we offer you our expertise and that of our partners.
Art and technology, design and development often speak different languages. As engineers for event technology and event management, we promote constructive communication between departments and trades and ensure that the project goal is in focus.
With T.L as your central contact you increase the efficiency of communication within the project structure and ensure the effectiveness of the individual departments.

Events and major events are to be regarded as projects and are difficult to standardize. Each project has its own requirements – T.L responds to these individually and creates work structures that meet these requirements. Flexibility is one of our strengths, consistency is our claim.



technical direction, event production, sustainability consulting
location: airport berlin tempelhof

Berlin Atonal

since 2014
production, venue management
location: Kraftwerk Berlin

SEEK 2020

project management fair construction, on site management
location: arena berlin

Opus Klassik

since 2017
technical direction, production, hygiene and infection protection concept, hygiene officer
location: Konzerthaus Berlin

Female Future Force Day 2019

technical direction, event production
location: airport berlin tempelhof

Kraftwerk Berlin

since 2014
change of use procedure, fire protection, location management
location: Kraftwerk Berlin


Project Management

  • Production management
  • Projekt management
  • Cost control
  • Technical management
  • Hygiene officer for events
  • Technical direction and technical consulting for venues
  • Location management
  • Human resources
  • Stage management

Technical Planning

  • Fire protection
  • CAD planning 2D and 3D
  • Pre-engineering (preliminary design of e.g. sound & light planning
  • Stability verifications against tipping and sliding
  • Special constructions
  • Safety standards
  • Consulting


  • Workshops, coaching and key notes
  • Individual guidelines and action plans
  • Compensation management
  • Certification and reporting
  • Consulting

Event Security

  • Safety concepts
  • Infection protection and hygiene concepts
  • Visitor safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Hazard analisys
  • Hazard assessment
  • Consulting

Licensing Procedures

  • Licensing procedures
  • Fire protection
  • Statics
  • Occupational safety
  • Official authorisation
  • Change in use

Culture and creative spaces

  • Support for cultural events
  • technø.logisch
  • Rerooms


Lukas Edler

B.Eng. Event Technology and Management
  • Graduated from Beuth University of Applied Sciences Event Engineering and Management with a bachelor’s degree and is now studying for a master’s degree in the same program. Since 2010 he has been working as a freelancer in the event and music industry. His focus is on approval procedures, fire protection and technical planning.

Jens Berte

M.Eng. Event Technology and Management
  • Studied Event Technology and Management at Beuth University of Applied Sciences. In 2017 he received the VfV according to §33 BetrVO from the IHK Berlin. Since 2014 he’s working as a project manager for event agencies and event locations. His interests include security management, crowd management and on-site management.

David Wieczorek

M.Eng. Event Technology and Management
  • Studied Event Technology and Management at Beuth University of Applied Science. He is working since 2012 as project manager for event agencies and IT-companies.  In 2017 he received the VfV according to §33 BetrVO from the IHK Berlin. His focuses are sustainability, project management and event production.